DownLOad GAme FLAsh

Vanilla & Chocolate

Grow your small ice cream shop into the country’s most popular ice cream brand! Face the challenges of managing your ice cream shops, making sure everything is in stock, and serving the customers. You even get to research new ice cream recipes, and upgrade your equipment and décor to build the ultimate ice cream empire!

3 totally different locations
Collect new ingredients and earn new tricks
Design your own ice cream and sell them in store
Upgrade your store with new items and décor


Ocean Range 2

Ocean Range 2 is pure Naval shooting action, featuring over 100 heart-pumping missions that will take you from a lowly Midshipman all the way up to an honorable Fleet Admiral. You’ll have loads of weapons, powerups and bonuses at your disposal as you fight through plenty of exotic locations ? ship wrecks, old lighthouses, desert islands, and more! Do you have what it takes to clear the island, protect the Red Cross ships and make it through the special missions of Ocean Range


Fairway Solitaire

WINNER! #1 Card/Mahjong Game of 2007
Pull out your clubs (and your diamonds, hearts and spades) and enjoy a round of Fairway Solitaire! This exciting new card game includes 70 unique courses in locations ranging from exotic forests to Scottish highlands. Choose your golfer and experience realistic golf commentary, hilarious wild shot cards, and three fun mini-games.
* Buy clothing powerups!
* Enjoy great mini-games.
* Unique hole layouts.



Spectromancer is an epic strategy game co-designed by Alexey Stankevich and Richard Garfield, creator of Magic: The Gathering that sends you on a journey from apprentice mage to planet-shattering master. For ages, peace and order have reigned across Revnia. But a time of great change is coming and it’s up to you to build your strength and fight the nation’s greatest threat in a thousand years.
In Spectromancer players participate in a magical duel against other mages by strategically summoning creatures and casting spells. Each mage uses five magical elements during a duel – Fire, Water, Air and Earth, plus a fifth related to the specific mage type. There are six mage types in the game: Clerics use Holy power; Mechanicians use Mechanics; Necromancers use Death; Chaosmasters use Chaos; Dominators uses Control and Illusionists use Illusions. Players are able to duel against the computer or against other online players live.
Play in single-player campaign and take on the corrupt council of magic and its innumerable minions. After polishing your skills in single-player, test your limits in exciting multi-player combat.

Game features:
• Open your mind and discover your power. Build your character’s spells and abilities over time in the extensive single-player campaign filled with surprising challenges.
• Be first in your class. Master eight special spells per class, making each duel distinctly different.
• Unlock over 100 cards. As you explore the world, you add new spells and new allies to your side, each of which opens new strategic options to master.
• Simple to understand, difficult to master. An elegantly-designed battle system pits you against hundreds of scenarios of engaging tactical depth.
• Think fast! Go head to head with other masters in hotseat, LAN or online multiplayer battles.
• Gloat over your victories. Earn badges for your accomplishments and view them in your in-game profile.
• Online League. Check out the leaderboards so that you always know where you stand with the competition.


Puppy Luv

Puppy Luv is the perfect pet, no need to run outside in the rain to take him out, he won’t break anything or even leave you a little surprise. This puppy will provide unconditional love for you and the entire family will have hours of fun playing with your new best friend. Real time attributes that change depending on the dogs mood, that you can keep track of and keep him happy.
* Select from 5 dogs.
* Train your dog to do 10+ tricks.
* Upgrade you back yard.


Virtual Villagers: Halloween Edition

Care for and nurture a tribe of little people by teaching them the basics of survival. Grow a small village in your computer: your little villagers have food needs, housing needs, technologies to research and diseases to fight! As the village grows and prospers, the villagers become curious about their mysterious island home and the secrets it holds. Aside from guiding the villagers’ day-to-day lives, help them explore and restore the island. How will you lead your tribe?
• Runs in True-Real Time: new surprises every time you turn the game on.
• Hundreds of unique and customizable villagers.
• Breed your villagers and raise your own tribe.
• Unique and unpredictable “Island Events” to keep you on your toes.
• Uncover mysteries and milestones as you unravel the hidden story of Isola.
• Control the destiny of your survivors! Create your own adventure.
• Amazing original soundtracks and ambient sound effects.

Changes you will notice:

• Most of the brown backgrounds have been made Orange
• Little spiders on the Game Frame Background and other misc places.
• Kids now carry pumpkins instead of mushrooms (both mushrooms look the same)
• There is a ghost hiding behind the treasure chest.
• Haunted Castle on the main menu.
• Shrine replaced with Gargoyle.
• Many skeletons laying around the board.
• Tombstones were redesigned.
• Pumpkin on the research table.
• Red eyes in the cave looking at you.
• Tombstones next to most of the housing, you know lawn ornaments.
• Overview map changed to gargoyle picture
• Puzzle solved changed to gargoyle picture
• Blood Red highlight circle on villagers
• A few other things I forgot to mention I’m sure.
• Creepy music replacing the normal music
• Maybe sound effects later on




Diner Dash – Family Style

Join flo and the gang for another exciting game!
In this new game of the Diner Dash series, Flo – a zippy waitress – tries to reach her daily goals in time. Help Flo and her friends in another exciting time management game!
It has six badges and winnable mini items available for Club Pogo members.
The mini items will be full outfits in the form of costumes, backgrounds, and goodie.
Game Features:
° 5 backgrounds: different scenes for each restaurant
° 5 goodies: different counters and trays you’d find in each restaurant
° 5 full costumes
° Earn 6 different badges!


Diner Dash: Flo Through Time

Join Flo and your favorite DinerTown™ residents on a hilarious, harrowing, and heroic journey through the very fabric of time! It all starts when Grandma Florence tinkers with the diner microwave, turning it into a powerful time machine! If you think you’re good at time-management, you need to play this all-new episodes collection and see if you have what it takes to become the best DASH™ game player of all time! Play 5 new restaurants with 10 levels each:

* Serve up saber tooth burgers in the Caveman Café
* Feed the Nile in style at the Pharaoh’s Feast
* Doth thou want fries with that? Chivalry lives in the All Knight Diner!
* Feed th’ crew or walk th’ plank in the Buccaneer Bistro. Yar!
* Join the sky-high futuristic fun-fest in the Snack to the Future Diner!


Snood Poppers

Snood Poppers is a super action puzzle game from Word of Mouse Games.
Your goal is to transport all of the Snoods away by matching three or more until the level is complete.
When Snoods get into the Snood Eater, time will reverse and you get another chance.
When you have used up all your lives, it’s game over, but you can continue on the Totem and Door where you left off.



Townopolis is a fun strategy game with highly addictive gameplay and colorful graphics. Construct an idyllic neighborhood with plenty of houses and keep your residents happy by providing all services they need, and they will reward you with a tidy profit. It’s up to you how to play – you can work your way to the top in the comprehensive campaign mode or you can create and play your own custom scenarios. Townopolis will bring out the tycoon in you!


Bikini Beach Party

Hot girls! Bikinis! Bouncing! Bounce girls high in the air to collect crazy items for points. Earn enough points before time runs out to unlock new girls and progress to the next level. Collect power up items for big points and unlock multiple bouncing girls! Careful not to miss a girl coming down or boom! a suit full of sand!


Kukoo Kitchen
*New Dash/Time Management*

Questtracers proudly presents Kukoo Kitchen, a brand new game from the creators of Easter Avenger. In our new game, you will have to control Chill Lee, an alien dog gifted with telekinetic powers in a quest to cook all kinds of food around the galaxy. But he will not be alone, as his human friend Jessica will travel by his side, aiding him by building and selling Lee tons of wacky machines to produce all kinds of amazingly tasty dishes.


ABC Cubes – Teddy’s Playground


Veronica Rivers – Portals To The Unknown

Explore the Portals to the Unknown with rescue pilot Veronica Rivers in this mysterious Hidden Object game! Uncover equipment and clues as you search the world for a missing team of geologists. Exciting mini-games challenge you to unlock the secret power of the portals. Exotic and dangerous locations will test your eye and your courage as you draw closer to solving the puzzle of the Portals!

Thrilling storyline
Beautiful, atmospheric worlds
Unlock the power of the Portals!


Bipo – The Mystery Of The Red Panda

What starts out as a routine trip to the cupcakery turns into a full on investigation for a ghost in a deserted manor. Discover the secret behind a mysterious object, and unmask a cloaked bandit that’s on the loose! Can you help Bipo discover the secret behind the ghost in the dark manor? Lead him from one adventure to the next in Bipo: The Mystery of the Red Panda.


The Broken Clues

The story of the game “The broken clues” is finding the mystery behind the murder of Mr. Harrison. He is a well settled businessman with handsome of property and has good relationship with many of his friends. One day he is found murdered by someone in his house and the person who has done this remains to be a mystery. At this stage enters a detective Mr. Mathew and attempts to find the murderer.

The game is the investigation process taken by Mr. Mathew, tracing out various objects at all habitual places of Mr. Harrison hoping it would give some clue to find the culprit. The game has many interesting turnovers in this process of finding the murderer. Now! Do you want to know who the murder is? Take the game, go through various levels and get the culprit caught.


Travelogue 360 – Mystery In London

Your vacation to London turns into an investigation into one of its most notorious mysteries ever! Explore the city through 360-degree photographs of locations such as Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbeyeven the tailor shop where James Bond buys his shirts! Gather clues and challenge the locals to unearth the truth behind a murderous past.
* Explore realistic levels.
* Solve notorious mystery.
* Master challenging mini-games.
* Trek back to Travelogue 360: Paris


Dr Lynch Grave Secrets

From the award-winning game designer Jane Jensen (James Patterson’s Women’s Murder Club: Death in Scarlet, Agatha Christie’s Death on the Nile and Peril at End House), comes a new bone-chilling seek-and find mystery. Uncover thrilling discoveries, potentially paranormal activity and sordid secrets in your quest to help Dr. Lynch disprove rumors of the supernatural.
Unlimited, unrestricted gameplay.
Take on 14 paranormal investigations.
Explore 28 haunting locations.
Uncover clues and reveal discoveries.
Unveil media hoaxes.


Jungle Quest

Join world famous archeologist Cathie Jones as she sets out on an amazing match-three journey to find the legendary Fountain of Youth and stop the spread of a deadly virus! An exciting storyline brought to life by stunning artwork and gameplay that will draw you into the depths of a forgotten jungle with Cathie are just a few of the amazing features that will make Jungle Quest an extraordinary experience for your entire family!

# 60 levels, 6 locations
# 14 bonuses
# Six mini-games


Brain Training For Dummies

Sharpen your intellect with fun, challenging, brain-building games that can help increase your reaction time and improve your memory. 15 games to strengthen your brain power! Progress through multiple difficulty levels. Test for 6 skill sets: Maths, Language, Spatial, Logic, Reflexes, and Memory.
– 15 different games to strengthen your brain power
– Over 350 puzzles to challenge yourself
– Test for 6 skill sets: Maths, Language, Spatial, Logic, Reflexes & Memory
– Interactive lessons for each game allow you to play while you learn
– Play and progress at your own pace with practice and play modes


PuzzleVille Bettys Dream House

One day Betty travels to this mysterious village called PuzzleVille.
This village is far from being ordinary.
The village’s prosperity rests on a unique building called Puzzle Generator and playing puzzles are part of the villagers’ daily life.
Betty is curious about all this and decides to stay in the village to find out more about it.


Puzzle Park


Fugu The Blowfish


Mushroom Age

Our heroine, Vera, is desperately searching for her fiance, Tom, who has disappeared a few days before their wedding. She stops by the TimeLab where Tom works to see if they don’t have him working on some super top-secret project. When she doesn’t believe the staff, she searches the lab for her fiance and accidentally activates a time machine.
Solve interesting puzzles and play mesmerizing mini-games with pre-historic characters like a dinosaur and a caveman, historic personages like Socrates and Nostradamus, robots and bad guys from the future, not to mention characters not bound by the confounds of time!


Entry 18 October 2008

Farm Mania

Spend a great time in the country with Anna! Help her to develop an old farm «from zero to hero» and to get an excellent mark from her graduation work. You will not only plant and sell the crops. No way! You’ll have the opportunity to bake tasty pies and bread, make warm scarfs and gloves, see your animals growing and many others! Use modern technologies and your own know-hows to make a farm of a dream. Plunge yourself in fresh air and nature calm! Reach the best result in farm developing with a new colorful game from Realore Studios – Farm Mania!



You and your business partner, Tracy, own an aquarium shop where you must breed and raise freshwater fish to sell. Progress through 40 exciting levels in Action Mode, or play at your own pace in Relaxed Mode, while you unlock new fish and plants, upgrade filters and lighting, and purchase food and medicine to keep your fish healthy and happy! There’s also Sandbox Mode where you can customize your own tank! With FishCo, you are well on your way in the world of professional fishkeeping!


Farm Craft

Plant your seeds and watch them grow as you help Martha work to prove she’s the best in the business. Use the profits from your harvest to buy new seeds, equipment, buildings and more! Design your gardens however you want and expand your farm to raise animals and even do a little beekeeping to turn honey into money!


Word Twist

Can you guess the hidden phrase? Link letters into words to reveal parts of the phrase. Solve different categories such as Movie Titles, Popular Musicians, World Cities, Animals and many more!

* More than 1000 phrases to solve!
* Explore 14 unique categories
* Two different play modes!
* Intuitive and easy to use interface
* No time-limit pressure


Between The Worlds

In Between the Worlds, a quiet American city has been struck by an inexplicable crime wave! As a seasoned detective, you are the city’s last hope. Gather clues as you seek objects hidden amidst unexplored crime scenes, and decipher puzzles that lead ever closer to the criminal mastermind. The city is counting on you to scour each clue-filled alley and cave, and decode the mysteries within.
# Gather Clues
# Solve Crime Scenes
# Decipher Puzzles
# Find Hidden Objects
# Great Graphics & Music


Cassandra’s Journey – The Legacy of Nostradamus

Cassandra`s Journey: The Legacy of Nostradamus puts you in the role of Cassandra, a young mystic relying on a mysterious ring to solve cases that are assumed to be impossible. One day, her magical ring goes missing. Now it is up to you, with the help of the spirit of Nostradamus and unique mind-reading magic tricks and fortune-telling wisdom, to find the missing ring and help Cassandra reveal the secrets of her family, before they are forever lost!

* Animated cutscenes
* Mind-reading magic tricks!
* Fun for the whole family



Obulis is IonFx’s new Puzzle/Action game for Windows PCs. Based on our award-winning mobile games of the same name, Obulis takes things to the next level by fusing highly compelling gameplay with outstanding graphics, music and state of the art physics effects.
The goal of Obulis is to drop all of the colored spheres into their like-colored pots. Spheres are connected to the playfield using chains and ropes and the player must cut these constraints to put the spheres in motion. The controls are extremely simple and intuitive. Obulis can literally be learned in seconds, but the puzzles will keep you thinking for hours.

Game features:
• Over 150 Levels
• Breathtaking Graphics and Music
• Spectacular Physics and Special Effects


Musaic Box

Uncover all of your grandfather`s sheet music, hidden in his home amongst a treasure trove of gorgeous antiques and musical relics! Melodious music box games will let you piece these special compositions together and unleash their symphonious secrets! Unlock Creative Mode and write your own outstanding arrangements! With a house full of secrets and a box full of music the aural excitement never ends!

* Beautifully rendered graphics
* Entrancing musical score
* Unlock musical mysteries!


Zoom Book

When a mysterious package arrives at the local university, two of the most renowned anthropology professors join forces to discover hidden clues and solve mind-boggling riddles. Time travel with them to the great Mayan culture of South America in search of the magic relic, ZoomBook, but beware of the mysterious villain that follows your every move. Ancient Mayan adventure full of rich artwork, mind-boggling puzzles and a spellbinding, mystery-driven storyline full of suspense!
* Mystery-driven storyline.
* 88 action-packed levels.
* 5 modes of game play.


Anna’s Ice Cream

Create an ice cream paradise and challenge your entrepreneurial skills in this charming and fast paced game. Make delicious ice creams with a large assortment of flavors, toppings and decorations and serve many different customers with a variety of personalities. Blend new ice cream flavors in the mini-game and upgrade your ice cream bar to make your customers happier and increase your profits. Be charmed by this captivating game of crazy ice cream making fun.


The Book of Wanderer The Story of Dragons

The game presents a classical variant of the popular Match3 game. Moving the rows and columns with a dragon’s eggs, you need to form groups of three and more equal eggs. Each egg has unique magic qualities that sometimes helps you and sometimes hinders you. You’ll learn different spells too. They’ll help you to complete the game.
There are two game modes: arcade and classic – for those who like playing with enthusiasm and for those who play “in small portions” when they have some free time.
Picturesque graphics, an exciting story line, captivating mini-games and great desktop wallpapers.

* Clear game process
* Interesting story line
* Picturesque graphics
* Great variety of different bonuses
* Several mini-games
* Free desktop wallpapers


Zoo Vet 2: Endangered Animals

Ever wondered what it`s like to be a real-life veterinarian? Hold the stethoscope and hear the heartbeat of endangered animals like: elephants, zebras, polar bears, and more. You`ll need a steady hand to perform surgeries while treating broken bones and diseases. Animal info in Zoo Vet 2 is provided by The African Wildlife Foundation, and a portion of every purchase is donated to help save the animals.
* Fun Brain Teaser
* Endangered animals
* Use realistic medical tools


Pat Sajak’s Linked Letters

Got a way with words? Meet the king of television game shows, Pat Sajak, and win fabulous prizes like new clothes, fancy vacations, and man-eating plants. Create your own game show avatar and compete for endless fun in “Road Trip” mode. Discover multiple categories like Pop Goes the Culture, At the Cineplex, and Found on the Menu. Press your luck in Pat Sajak`s Linked Letters, an infectious quiz-show trivia game.
* Authentic Word/ Trivia game
* Upgrade your avatar
* Challenge friends and family


Lucy’s Expedition

Pieces of a mysterious map have been popping up all over the world and it’s up to archaeologist Lucy Livingston to solve the mystery! Help Lucy and her team in this click-management adventure as they travel the globe recovering ancient artifacts to trade for pieces of the map. Flex your memory muscles at the end of each level as you try to match-up your documents in a fun mini-game. And don’t forget to watch out for evil Nigel Gneaugood! He’s out to cause trouble by stealing your supplies and even the artifacts you discover!


Believe In Sandy – Holiday Story

Help our heroine Sandy to build a perfect Gift Shop! Juggle orders from demanding customers, customize the presents so that they look fabulous, create a unique ambiance decorating your shop with flowers and pictures, enjoy working with cute little elves wholl be your helpers, earn dozens of upgrades from the Magic Fairy, hone your multi-tasking skills, and see if you have what it takes to help Sandy build profitable and popular Gift Shops in 4 different locations!

* 48 levels to enjoy.
* 15 types of customers.
* 4 presents to customize.


The Great Indian Quest

The Great Indian Quest is an epic match-3 adventure with a totally different flavor! Get set to ride along with four heroes on a quest for the lost Kohinoor Diamond! Solve puzzle boards with a never before seen mode of play and dive into exciting mini-games. Set out on an epic journey across the wilds of ancient India. Meet people, solve puzzles, and survive the most challenging of puzzle boards as you aid the heroes in their quest for the Kohinoor Diamond! The Great Indian Quest is match three with a side of curry!


Carnival Mania

Help your friend Polly restore an old, run-down amusement park to its former glory. Design and build sideshows, rides, food and beverages stands and more as you expand the park for maximum fun and profit!
Complete all 54 levels of restoration
Access all 6 carnival locations
Play 2 thrilling game modes
Exciting carnival sounds & atmosphere



Strap in to your super high-speed space fighter, take a deep breath, and get ready to embark on a mission of heroic destruction in this excitingly intense, side-scrolling action game. Are you ready, pilot?

* Startling Full Screen Graphic
* Tons of Action-Packed Missions
* Thrilling Space-Age Soundtrack
* Weapon Power-Ups and Bonuses]


Now Boarding

Welcome to Now Boarding!

The employees of Airways Airlines are an interesting bunch. Their airport is going to be closed if they don’t get some help quick. Take charge and get the airport running smooth. Be responsible for delivering all passengers and keep them happy.

But you’re not alone – employees will be working along side you. Lead your team and help them learn skills. Renovate and make the terminal look fantastic. Grow and expand across the country!

Master the new “pickup-and-deliver” gameplay
Renovate and make the terminal look fantastic
Grow and expand across the world over 5 episodes
4 game modes: Career, Free Play, Challenge and Survival
Earn records, unlockables and achievements


Sudoku Latin Squares

This new twist opens up a whole new world of Sudoku. Play puzzles as small as 3 by 3 (great for learning or quick games) to as large as 9 by 9.

Enjoy the simplest to use interface ever designed for this game, as well as stunning graphics, features such as mark and automark, undo, color and black and white printing and game saves
Two great games in oneSingle click interfaceThe only Sudoku game built for ages 5 to 100Ability to mark cells to show decision pointsTake your puzzle on the road with our advanced printing featureIncludes great features such as hints, notes, undos and saves


The Waitress

Welcome to your new job. You are new and easy to fire, so listen carefully. You are a waitress and you serve clients. Do it in 3 steps: take the order, bring the order, clean the table. You can take the order when the client is ready. He will give you a sign by rasing his hand. If the table he sits at is dirty he will not order until you clean it. As you take the order, write it down ( you will see it on your screen as a note at the panel area), and then prepare it. Tell the cook which meal you want him to make. Then take a cold drink from the fridge or a coffee from the coffee machine. Don’t forget to clean the table for the next client. Dirty tables drive people crazy. To get rid of the dirty plates, put them in the plates box. Used cans and cups go to the garbage can. You can call for the worker if you are outta drinks or coffee cups, garbage can or plates box if full. If the client is dissapointed he leaves and you lose a life. The clients become more patient after you take their orders. If there are 2 people at the same table they both leave if one of them decides so.


Entry 27 September 2008

Pageant Princess

In Pageant Princess, you will work with Bess to beautify everyone from the Girl Next Door to the Southern Belle in 5 unique beauty pageant locations. Style hair, apply makeup, dress up and more in 50 levels of sophisticated fun. Use your earnings to hire helpful employees and purchase upgrades to keep the girls looking and feeling their best. Only the stylist who can make her customers look drop-dead gorgeous will impress the judges in this frenzy of pageant fun. Get to the top of the pageant circuit with Pageant Princess!
# Style hair
# Apply makeup
# More than 50 levels
# Hire helpful employees


Anne’s Dream World

Save the village from the Evil Jellies


Flatbread Express

Create, cook and serve up delicious food for the hungry customers.


Burger Island

Revitalize a run-down restaurant in this burger-building challenge! No one seems to come to Mount Tikikola Beach for burgers anymore, but that’s about to change now that Patty has come ashore. Help Patty build the best burger stand on the island by serving up the tastiest burgers this side of paradise. Collect more than 30 exotic recipes featuring over 40 different ingredients to keep your customers full and happy. Featuring 60 fast-paced levels, gorgeous full-screen graphics, and immersive gameplay, Burger Island is an oasis of fun for the whole family!
* Unlimited Play
* 60 Fast-Paced Levels
* 5 Burger Stand Locations
* Over 30 Exotic Recipes to Serve
* More than 40 Ingredients to Use


Lost Idols-Puzzle Crusade

Do you have what it takes to be the next Indiana Jones?
Find out if you have the necessary logical skills and nerves of steel in your quest for the Lost Idols!
In this puzzle/adventure game, Golden Idols have been stolen from sacred monasteries.
Travel to the Himalayan mountains and deep caverns and retrieve them.
Enjoy detailed 3D graphics which are scaleable according to your system specifications, and an engaging soundtrack and sound effects which makes you feel the fun and excitement of quest you are on.


Private Eye – Greatest Unsolved Mysteries

A nefarious secret society known only as the Enigma Society has been causing trouble around the world; it’s up to you to unravel the mystery surrounding them. As the newest Private Eye recruit, you’ll travel to exotic international locations and find hidden clues in order to solve some of the world’s strangest mysteries! Each new mystery will put your perception skills, as well as your reflexes, to the test! Welcome to the world of Private Eye: Greatest Unsolved Mysteries!
* Over 30 unique locations.
* 4 mysteries to solve.
* Call on quirky contacts.


Puzzle Freak

It’s like Monopoly, but with puzzles, well not quite. Try to be the best puzzle freak on the planet and show the world just how brainy you really are! The board is divided into two types of squares – puzzles and special ’chance’ squares.

Puzzle squares have a randomly selected puzzle from a range of 14 puzzle types. ’Chance’ squares may help or hinder your progress through the game. If you solve a puzzle, you get another turn (up to 3 turns in a row).

Each puzzle has a different time limit depending on how difficult it is. You are awarded different IQ points depending on how quickly you solve a puzzle – the faster you are, the more points you get. The winner is the person / computer with the highest IQ after reaching the finish line.


The History Channel – Lost Worlds

The History Channel series Lost Worlds will take you on a hi-tech treasure hunt, piecing together some of the greatest ruins ever unearthed. Your challenge is to navigate through intricate puzzles, brilliant imagery and ancient history to discover the mysterious Lost Worlds. With over 60 challenging levels, multiple game mechanics, and amazing effects and sound, The History Channel`s Lost Worlds brings ancient mysteries of the world to life like never before!
* Multiple game mechanics
* Authentic imagery
* Beautiful and challenging!


The Stone of Destiny

Your Uncle mysteriously disappears one day, and all you are left with are a book, a map and an envelope containing a list of objects. Finding these objects will unlock doors and cities for you to explore. Intriguing and beautiful levels will aid you in finding the hidden objects to reveal the true mystery of the stone. Avenge your uncle’s disappearance and awaken The Stone of Destiny.
* Over 25 beautiful levels.
* Several mini-games to play.
* Unique Rune-drawing puzzles.


Pharaoh’s Mystery

Unleash the power of the scarab as you launch them at blocks to uncover the secrets of Pharaoh Akhenaten. Shoot blocks to gather coins, gather coins to earn the Nine Mystic Gems, and use the Gems to solve the Pharaoh’s Mystery. But you’ll have to move swiftly. Let the blocks drop too far down and your journey will end and the Pharaoh’s Mystery will remain unsolved. Forever.

* 50+ levels.
* 12 power-ups.
* Beautiful graphics.


Laura Jones and the Gates of Good and Evil

The famous adventurer Laura Jones gets a letter from Professor Adams about a strange ancient talisman. The talisman turns to be one of the keys to the Mystical Gates preserving the source of sacred powers of Art, Love, Strength, Will, Talent and Knowledge. These powers affect people all around the world, and any disruption could be disastrous! The universal Evil is trying to possess them, and Laura must prevent it from reaching the Gates, or there will be dire consequences!
# Solve the puzzles
# Search for clues
# Find the secret keys
# Lots of mini-games
# Great graphics


Gumboy Tournament

Finally, you can test your reflexes, judgement and tactics while facing up to eight other players! A single player game, a multiplayer and a team-match – all in one. Gumboy Tournament is the follow-up to the critically acclaimed and popular arcade game Gumboy: Crazy Adventures that won numerous accolades including Gametunnel’s GAME OF THE YEAR 2006. Once again the player can explore many phantasy levels, great graphics, a lot of environment interaction and light and particle effects. However this time extra features have been added: finally you can compete against your friends over the net or even just on a computer without internet.
It’s exactly the high amount of environment interaction, fast paced action and physical simulation that makes the game so fun when up to nine gumboys meet on one level.As usual the visual environment has great looking graphics and is we think highly original. The same goes for the sounds and catchy game soundtrack.


Larva Mortus

At the end of 19th Century, dark forces shade the world once again. A brave agent, experienced in exorcism and combat, comes to face the oncoming evil, and fight loathsome supernatural monsters and horrific spawns of black magic. Larva Mortus offers fast and furious monster-hunting game play coupled with a haunting atmosphere and an action packed splatter fest! Your quest has begun! (Caution: This game is not for the faint of heart and contains horrific images and themes.)
# Horrifying Quests To Complete!
# 30 Frightening Supernatural Monsters!
# Randomly Generated Missions!
# Many Dark And Haunting Environments!


Entry 25 September 2008

Cooking Dash

And she cooks, too! When Cookie the Chef leaves Flo’s Diner to pursue a career on a popular cooking reality TV show, he creates a shortage of chefs in DinerTown by inviting them all to appear as guest stars. It’s up to Flo to pick up the slack with a whole new set of food service skills! Help Flo and Grandma Florence keep five DinerTown restaurants up and running…if you can stand the heat!

* Over 50 levels of game play
* Master the art of perfectly prepared meals in five different restaurants
* 3D rendered characters add dimension to the animation


Hell’s Kitchen

Hell’s Kitchen is a US TV phenomenon as renowned Gordon Ramsay puts aspiring chefs through a rigorous culinary bootcamp. Experience the show’s pressure-cooker atmosphere as you go through a series of kitchen and dining room challenges. Success depends on how well you can cook and serve meals, so master each time management test to progress. Each meal is scored by Gordon Ramsay- do you have the talent to be a “Five-Star” chef in the hottest kitchen around?

*Career Mode: Play an entire career calendar. Work up from a Single Star to a prestigious Five Star establishment.
*Set in Hell’s Kitchen – play in the Kitchen and Dining room.
*Gordon Ramsay recipes unlock as you progress.
*Recipes from the TV show that you can try at home- print them and share with friends via email!


Cooking Academy

Welcome to the Cooking Academy the game where you are the Chef.
From eggrolls to pancakes to crème brulee, it’s up to you to prepare over 50 different recipes! Learn interesting trivia about food while mastering the skills of chopping, slicing, folding, frying, and much more! Unlock new recipes and trophies by passing your cooking courses and exams.


The Wizard’s Pen

Mystery and intrigue await you from the depths of darkness, uncover the clues with your magic pen to reveal hidden objects!

* Original game play concept
* Great graphics and wonderful music
* So easy even a retard like Steveredrum can play it
* From Popcap Games


Finkles Adventure

In the forest of miracles, strange little creatures have nothing better to do than to flutter about, using daisies as parachutes! It?s up to you to pick them as they fall and to organize them by colour!
Things need to be organized at the Finkle?s ! Pick them as they fall and make sure they are wedged against same coloured Finkles. If you put three identical Finkles together, they will disappear!
Don?t miss the bonus Finkles, collect the money and save-up in order to buy power-ups which will make things easier for you: nothing can stop you then, not even the lines of sleeping Finkles stacking up and which are supposed to limit your actions!
For those crazy about challenges, meet-up in the trophy room and hear all about the challenges you can take up! It?s a long road before you become a daisy-picking champion in Finkle land!


Aveyond 2 – Ean’s Quest

Snow has fallen on a magical vale where it has never snowed before. A beautiful young elf is missing, and no one remembers her existence. That is, no one except for her best friend, Ean.
To solve the mystery of his lost friend, Ean leaves the vale and travels to the dangerous Land of Man. Ean’s adventure takes him through dark forests, arid deserts, and finally to a great mountain of ice where the answers to all of his questions await. And that is just the beginning?
Solve dozens of adventure puzzles and explore an enchanting world. Aveyond 2 is packed with monsters, magic, and humor. Stop an evil queen from turning the world into ice, capture a dragon and ride the winds to ancient lands, unite the kingdoms and discover your destiny.


Alice’s Magical Mahjong (Portable)

Alice’s Magical Mahjong, embark on a fantasy journey inspired by Lewis Carroll’s book, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Go into the incredible world of Alice, filled with quirky characters and magical creatures. Help them solve their dilemmas by playing over 175 Mahjong layouts and searching for hidden clues in 20 beautifully detailed scenes.
Venture through an imaginative fantasy that will take hold of your curiosity while you explore Alice’s magical world. Experience Mahjong in an extraordinary environment of gorgeous graphics, fantastic animations and addictive game play!


Pipe World

Pipe World is a new kind of puzzle game that combines some of the traditional puzzle solving with a new mix of gameplay and beautiful graphics. The game features two game modes that will keep anyone busy for hours of fun.
* Beautiful 3D Graphics.
* 5 types of pipes with variations of each.
* 2 Modes, Puzzle Mode and Arcade Mode.
* 95 levels in Puzzle Mode.
* Auto saves the progress of up to 10 players.


Super Jigsaw Caboodle

Put together intricate images of colorful collections in this dazzling assortment of jigsaw fun. 50 vibrant photos featuring groups of familiar items are sure to bend the brain of even of the most advanced puzzle players. Of course, with Super Jigsaw Caboodle’s advanced features that let you set your own options and difficulties, even the most casual jigsaw fan will enjoy assembling the rich scenes included in this wonderful challenge. With more than 500 pieces, your choice of shapes, and more, Super Jigsaw Caboodle is overflowing with fantastic fun!
* Up to 520 Pieces per Puzzle
* Jigsaw and Square Shapes
* Configurable Backgrounds
* Save Puzzles for Later
* Area Magnification
* Resizable Playing Surface
* Show/Hide Non-Edge Pieces
* Piece Rotation Option


Little Shop Road Trip

Set off on the road to fun with this all-new hidden object adventure from the creators of the popular Little Shop of Treasures series. Time to take a break from running your shops, hit the road, and search stunning scenes from Seattle to South Beach on your quest to collect rare and exclusive items for your Little Shops back home. Complete 16 challenging road trips and unlock new bonus rounds and Blitz modes. Featuring two great game modes, thousands of cleverly hidden objects, over 100 levels of original gameplay, and miles and miles of family fun, Little Shop – Road Trip is an incredible journey of breath-taking sights. Grab the keys to success today!

* Two Game Modes: Regular and Blitz
* 16 All-New Mini-Game Bonus Rounds
* 80 Levels of Re-Playable Gameplay
* 16 Blitz Mode Games
* Hidden Hints and Creative Power-Ups
* Vibrant Graphics and Immersive Sound Effects


Entry 24 September 2008

Wagons Ho

Wagons Ho is a game of strategy and resource management. Take a wagon train with settlers, food, and money, then set out to see if you can conquer the west! Along the way you may run into treasures, friendly natives, and friendly settlers. You may also run into hostile natives, and hostile settlers. Wagons Ho!

In Wagons Ho, you’ll explore and settle the magnificent west, all from the comfort of your own desk. Wagons Ho


Honey Bee


Fragile Ball

Fragile Ball is a simple but exciting game.
All you have to do is to rotate the stage and lead the ball to the goal.
But don’t forget to handle the ball carefully!


Book Stories

Are you crazy about books? Then it’s up to you to embark into the amazing word challenge you have never seen before! Test your word-building skills combining letters on the grid and help a young librarian get back all books, which were lost during the cleaning. Manage with the task successfully – and you will get a rather prominent reward that will be kept in a Trophy Room. Are you erudite enough to get over this brain-bending word challenge now?


Little Shop of Treasures 2

Welcome back to Huntington and an all-new adventure of seek-and-find fun! Help the shoppers of this charming little town find the items they desire and earn enough money to restore and reopen your Uncle Roy’s gas station! Search for well-hidden items in a wide variety of Huntington’s shops – including the Import Shop you opened in Little Shop of Treasures and your newly restored Gas Station! Featuring two exciting game modes, a unique hint feature, and hours of eye-popping fun, Little Shop of Treasures 2 is a fantastic discovery of family fun!

* Two Game Modes: Regular and Blitz
* Unique Items to Find
* Intricately Detailed Scenes
* Original Hint Feature


Penny Puzzle

Travel the world with Penny Puzzle as she takes photographs of famous and renowned landmarks and locations. Journey from Egypt, to the Forbidden City, to Paris, and beyond. Impress your boss, Mr. Mumbles, and climb the corporate ladder as you embark on an adventure, capturing images and piecing together uniquely crafted 3D puzzles.

* More than 45 puzzles to play.
* Visually stunning puzzles.
* Help Penny move up in the world.


The Hidden Object Show: Season 2

Do you think you have what it takes to compete in this season of The Hidden Object Show: Season 2? Test your skills of observation in this dizzying whirlwind tour of a wacky amusement park. Compete for your chance to win loads of carnival prizes as well as our biggest grand prize yet. So, ya think you can do it?! Come for a ride
– Collect carnival prizes.
– Wacky game show fun.
– Great sequel to a hit game


Entry 21 September 2008

Avatar: Path of Zuko

Adventure through hundreds of missions as Prince Zuko in the retelling of Avatar’s third season!
Game Features:
Play as Prince Zuko!
Battle the Fire Nation to regain your honor!
Play a minigame to regain health and chi!


Restaurant Rush
In Restaurant Rush, help Heidi open her own cooking school and cook more than 50 international recipes such as BBQ Ribs, Dim Sum and Filet Mignon. Visit the new Farmer’s Market for fresh ingredients, compete in Cooking Showdowns and use the Jukebox to please a zany new cast of customers. With more than 80 levels in 2 Game Modes, Restaurant Rush is twice as addicting as Burger Rush!


Road to Riches

John, a hardworking manager, has been fired from his job at Herfty`s Trucking. Anxious to put his boss out of business, John decides to open his own trucking enterprise. An initial investment puts him on the move for On-The-Road orders. Steer your truck at breakneck speed on the Road to Riches in this entrepreneurial Time Management pursuit. Choose your own orders and show “The Man” who`s really in charge!


Ants Story

Ants are very strange nation – they can do almost everything. And what can you do? Would you like to test it? Now you have a chance to become a leader of this industrious nation. You’ll have to carry out a lot of assignments in order to build a new town for your people. You will learn to make quick and right decisions, to be observant and resourceful, improve your other qualities that should real leader possess.


Fashion Apprentice

Instead of attending law school like her father wanted, Anna has decided to follow her own path and work for her aunt in the exciting world of fashion. Help Anna complete day-to-day tasks for her aunt as she works her way up the fashion ladder. Design outfits and build Anna’s wardrobe to earn Glam Points. Use your Glam Points to purchase powerups and the latest designer styles, and to help Anna dress to impress as she competes in the tough world of the fashion industry. With the help of her friends, Anna looks to make it to Hollywood to start her own fashion agency.


Ride Carnival Tycoon

Are you ready to build the Greatest Midway on Earth? Summer nights, flashing lights, stomach churning rides, girls and guys all combine to make the perfect carnival. Attract them, thrill them, feed them, frighten them, and leave them yearning for more! You can: Run your own traveling carnival.
From ride construction to advertising to entertaining the masses, you run the show. Choose from 25 different rides, 21 different locations, 12 food and drink stands, 10 games, 4 attractions and more! Take on the challenge of Career Mode. Turn your earnings into better rides and bigger crowds, unlocking hidden locations as you become a Midway Tycoon.
Beat the bank and the clock in Mission Mode. Can you satisfy the throngs before time runs out? It’s more than fun and games. Spend your money wisely purchasing equipment, bathrooms and ticket booths as needed to minimize lines and angry patrons!


Entry 20 September 2008

Turbo Fiesta

Rebecca’s loveable but eccentric Auntie Rhonda has started a space tourism business – and apparently space food tastes awful. That gives Rebecca the idea of starting a restaurant in space to serve burritos, nachos and other Mexican fare to space tourists. And so, she drags her ever-reluctant cook, Robert, on board a rocket headed for the space station – twisted diode little do they know, however, that the rocket also contains two stowaways: the henchwomen of the nefarious Mr. Von Simoleon who wants Rebecca’s restaurant destroyed.


Cake mania 3 : bake to the future

The game finds Jill nervously preparing for her wedding day when disaster strikes. Something called a Time Bender shatters, and she finds herself bouncing through time and visiting historical settings like Ancient Egypt and Revolutionary France to an unkown future where anything is possible. Jill must work quickly to find her way back before the ceremony begins.

Fans of Sandlot’s cake-baking time management game will be able to sink their teeth into hundreds of levels of cake baking madness, three mini-games, tons of new upgrades, items and power-ups, downloadable levels that will be available from within the game,
and even the ability to design Jill’s wedding cake and send it to your friends via email.


Beebo Deluxe

Help Beebo and his friends build hives in this fast-paced match-3 casual game. Visit new locations, earn power-ups, and decorate hives with items you purchase on “Bee-Buy!” Collect colored honey then decide where in the hive to drop it for maximum bee-ficiency!

Crazy power-ups and funny friends help you every step of the game! A portion of the game proceeds will benefit honeybee health and CCD research!

Beebo Deluxe Game Features

* Over 64 Challenging Levels with 8 Locales
* 8 puzzle mini-games and 8 unlockable bonus games
* Follow the Beebo Story or Play “Endless Mode”


Brain Challenge v.1.2.5

Give your brain a vitamin boost, and take a fun evaluation of your mental capacity. Work with your favorite personal coach to improve your cerebral agility. Delve into 20 distinct games in five categories (Memory, Visual, Logic, Match, and Focus). How do you cope with the day-to-day craze? Find out with the Daily and Stress Management Test. Keep track of your daily progress and evaluate your level of brain activity in Brain Challenge ™.

* Visual, memory, logic game
* Stress management mode
* Manage your mental health


Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader 2: Make The Grade

In this sequel, Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader: Make The Grade, you can be saved by a 5th Grader! COPY off your teammate’s answer, but they get it wrong, you’ll lose! PEEK at your teammate’s answer and choose whether or not to accept it. On A Roll? Answer all the questions correctly to put your name on top of the Honor Roll! Four exciting ways to play: Bring home the virtual $1 million prize in Homeroom Mode. Take on up to 4 players in Academic Academy Mode. Go head-to-head in Flashcards Mode to see who is the quickest. Identify the misspelled words in Spelling Bee Mode. And what would school be without Gold Stars? Earn gold stars as you work your way to the Million Dollar Question. Acting Out in Class is Allowed! Be rewarded for launching a paper airplane or spitballs.

Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? Prove it in Make the Grade!


Tropix 2 Quest for the Golden Banana

Take a vacation of fun with Tropix 2 – The Quest For the Golden Banana! Play Tropix favorites like Coco Bowl, Cascade, and Puffer Popper! Or try your hand at all-new games like Ice Cream Parlor, Stone Stacker, Fish Swap and more! Each game in Tropix 2 – The Quest For the Golden Banana is a unique experience featuring hours of gameplay. Earn sand dollars to decorate unique islands along the way and unlock an original storyline featuring everyone’s favorite monkey, mermaids, bajaken, and a few new friends. Whether you like puzzles, word games, action, sports, or even hidden object games, there’s something for everyone in Tropix 2 – The Quest For the Golden Banana. Escape to a paradise of games toda
Tropix 2 – The Quest For the Golden Banana Game
– Unlimited Play
– Eight Unique Games in One Package
– Original Storyline
– Monkey, Crab, and New Friends
– Hours and Hours of Fantastic Fun


Turtix 2 Rescue Adventures

Help a heroic turtle navigate three gorgeous game worlds dripping with detail. Block the bad guys on their mission to capture toddler turtles in this side-scrolling Arcade game. Use your brain to eliminate traps and obstacles while crushing dozens of enemies with crates. Navigate 60 wondrous worlds with loads of puzzles while collecting bonuses and power-ups. Can you recover the baby turtles in Turtix 2 Rescue Adventure?

* Tons of puzzles
* Worlds to conquer
* Rescue young turtles!


Go Go Gourmet 2 : Chef of the Year


Home Sweet Home 2

Swagger into the hip lifestyle of uptown apartment living in this Sweet sequel. It`s time to create the kitchens and bathrooms of your clients` dreams. Decipher clues to determine what your clients need, then design a room with your own creative style and moxie. Home Sweet Home 2 delivers hundreds of new furnishings and appliances in 12 stylish categories. Even the savviest home designers will devour these brain-teasing
Time Management riddles.
Design dream homes!
Stylish levels
Hundreds of furniture pieces
Get back to design basics in Home Sweet Home


Money Tree

Money doesn`t grow on trees. Or does it? William, the gardener, must plant trees to earn dough and impress his lady. Win the hand of the beautiful Elizabeth Grant by caring for each tree with some TLC. Use quick reflexes to gather fruit at its ripest point and double click on falling leaves. Along the way, you’ll earn money for power-ups to keep your trees watered and pest-free. Don`t forget to use fertilizer and Insecticide Spray to keep your Money Tree in good financial shape.

* Time Management dollar saver
* Cool power-ups
* Grow your money oasis!



Save the planet Roo and restore its vibrant beauty. The little Roogoos have called upon you to save their quirky world. Guide meteors in the shape of blocks through a series of rotation disks. As you progress, you`ll encounter multiple obstacles in your treacherous path. Perseverance and crafty puzzle skills could save the Roogoo nation! Navigate a meteor shower in 45 fun-loving levels with party game modes and bonus challenges.

* Quirky Puzzle game
* Party game modes
* Save the Roogoos!


Archibald’s Adventures

Help Archie to overcome all of the pitfalls of the Dr. Klumpfus mansion in this funny action puzzle game. Test your skills and wit in more than 100 uncanny levels!
Archie and crazy Professor Klumpfus are stuck in the professor’s mansion. The latest experiment of the goofy scientist went all wrong, and weird lifeforms escaped from their containment. Now a paranoid central computer locked both heroes up!
It’s up to you to help Archie and professor to get out of the infested mansion.

Game features:
• Go through 114 levels in this mind blowing action puzzle platform game
• Experience innovative gameplay with many unique features of the hero: transportation of objects, riding on walls and ceilings, flying with a jet armchair and more
• Use your wit and fast reaction to avoid nasty dangers of the mad scientist’s mansion
• Use the professor’s device pod to climb the walls or his artificial intelligence matter to solve riddles
• Encounter lots of weird and funny lifeforms running loose in the levels!
• Enjoy the great playability with a mouse or a keyboard


Pet Show Craze

A pet is an animal to be enjoyed and loved. So imagine Masha’s surprise when a greedy industrialist starts snapping up all the land in Petsville in order to build a factory that produces plastic animals. Without a moment’s hesitation, she makes a beeline for the town to show how pet care can rake in more money than selling fake cats and dogs.

To save the day, you’ll have to provide a variety of services to a stampede of customers and their animals. There will scarcely be a moment to breathe as you wash and groom seven different pets, keep your equipment in working order, sell exclusive products, beat 14 different mini-games, purchase advertising, upgrade your salon and keep tails wagging. Featuring fast-paced gameplay, eye-popping graphics and lively music, Pet Craze Show is destined to become a stunning time management success!

Key Game Features:
* 48 levels
* Three salons
* 10 types of customers
* Seven pets
* Seven in-game mini-games
* Seven additional mini-games
* 12 products to sell
* More than 60 upgrades for your salon
* 13 charms
* 15 trophies


Family Flights

Think you have the skills to manage a plane full of quirky and demanding passengers? Serve food and beverages, switch seats, distribute magazines and cater to other random requests in this high-flying adventure!

# Unlimited, unrestricted gameplay.
# Contend with new quirky passengers.
# New items to give to your passengers.
# Earn achievement upgrades & rewards.
# Play all-new challenge mode.


Diner Dash® Seasonal Snack Pack

Stroll down memory lane with Grandma and Flo as they reminisce about their favorite seasons, including stops at five new restaurants!

* Splash into summer at the Coral Cove Café in Waterpark Madness
* Sneak into a ghoulish adventure at the Crypt Café
* Help Flo and Toshiro save Thanksgiving in Hometown Harvest
* Spread a little holiday cheer on the slopes in Winter Wonderland
* Cozy up at the Romantic Rendezvous restaurant


Globey – On the Roll!

Globey – On The Roll is a mystical new game that puts you in the skin of a Fairy Godmother, whose disciples (100 mighty dragons) have been captured by an evil Troll king. Visit the far reaches of the once peaceful fairytale world to guide Globey (the one not-so-mighty dragon), and free all the captured dragons. With over 100 areas to explore spread over five amazing lands, Globey’s journey is long and as challenging as Globey’s stupidity. Break through all the blockades, solve the challenging puzzles, free your dragons. And live happily ever after.


Jojo’s Fashion Show 2: Las Cruces


UNO® Card Game 2.2


Parking Dash

Introducing Karma, Flo’s hip, new friend, whose life takes a dramatic turn when she’s contacted in her Donutville apartment about inherited property in DinerTown!
Flo intercedes before Karma can sell the tiny blacktop lot behind Flo’s Diner to Mr. Big, and encourages Karma to start her own business.
You’ll have to be quick to click as you rack, track, and even stack automotive gems from every corner of DinerTown.
Help Karma clean up the streets in this thoroughly I love chex entertaining mix of the familiar and the unique. Hop in now!

Two game play modes: story and endless shift
50 levels of puzzle parking hilarity in 5 new DinerTown locations
Fun new upgrades, from donut vending machines to car lifts


Your Pet Hotel

Take on the role of Lissy, the manager of the beloved Pet Hotel. You will take care of sweet little kittens, cute puppies, beautiful horses and many other animals while their owners are away on vacation. More than two dozen diverse games throughout the collection, you will never get tired of staying at the Pet Hotel.

* 25 different games.
* Fun role playing.
* Easy to learn


Digby’s Donuts

Digby’s donuts are so good, he can’t get them to the counter before they’re snatched up. As Digby’s new employee it’s your job to catch the donuts when they come fresh out of the oven, and stack them in the display counter. Stack them in groups of three by frosting color and they’ll disappear down the customer’s throats, earning you big tips. Digby’s Donuts is a deliciously addictive (and non-fattening) treat for the whole family!
* Two Exciting Game Modes: Franchise and Arcade
* Beautiful Full Screen Graphics
* In-Game Hints and Tips
* Challenging Bonus Rounds


Diamond Islands

Discover Diamond Islands – an incredibly fun and exciting puzzle game that’ll take you on a quest of love and discovery. Packed with 100 islands of puzzle fun, strategy and obstacles – this is not just another puzzle game. Explore the archipelagoes hidden treasures including, a tropical paradise, volcano and ancient ruins – uncovering the secrets of the spells gallery as you go.

Game features:
• Addictive puzzle game packed with 100 plus levels for unlimited fun!
• Use your logic and strategy to win over the island chief’s daughter
• Play through exotic locations – volcanoes, ancient ruins, jungles


Peggle Nights


Cake Shop *New Dash from Alawar*

Key Game Features

* Unlimited game time
* Free upgrades to new versions
* Complete customer support

Cake Shop bakes up its own special brand of casual gaming fun! Slap together the different layers of tasty cakes for your customers, warm their insides with piping hot coffee and put a cotton candy smile on the faces of their children in this delightful treat for all ages. As your skills as manager of the shop improve, you’ll be able to spend your profits on better equipment and even a new home where you can put up your tired feet after a hard day. With colorful visuals, addictive gameplay and a pretty female lead who’s sweeter than apple pie, Cake Shop has all the ingredients for a good time!


Disney’s The Little Mermaid Pinball

The Little Mermaid Pinball is an enchanting, fast-paced pinball game featuring Ariel and her favorite friends, Sebastian, Flounder and Scuttle. Launch your pinball pearl and score big points on three captivating boards. Use your skills to aim for sea creatures, light up coral lanes and unlock King Triton’s palace. Hit the conch shell to activate the whirlpool or spin the starfish roulette to raise your score. Watch out for the sea witch and her ball-stealing sidekicks! Defeat Ursula, collect the musical notes and dinglehoppers and spell “Ariel” to win tons of points!

3 Enchanting Boards – Experience pinball excitement on three colorful boards: Under the Sea, King Triton’s Palace, and Ursula’s Lair.
Multiple Pinballs – Trigger the whirlpool, spin the starfish roulette, or spell out ‘Triton’ to activate the multi-ball feature. Score big points with extra pinballs!
Danger – Watch out for Ursula and her slimy sidekicks! They are full of ball-stealing tricks!
Familiar Friends – Experience the pinball action with Ariel, Flounder, Sebastian, Scuttle, and all your favorite deep-sea friends!
Tons of Bonus Points – Score big points by collecting all the dinglehoppers, saving Ariel’s sisters, collecting musical notes, and more!


Slingo Supreme

Slingo Supreme is the long awaited sequel to Slingo Deluxe that is packed with even more Slingtastic fun! The new game features a new & innovated Supreme Mode that lets you build over 16000 different Slingo games but don’t worry the Classic game is also included.

With an infinite amount of Daily Challenges, new Powerups like Reel Nudge and Instant Slingos, and introducing the long awaited Devil mini games. Now you can finally take on that annoying Devil and beat him at his own game!


Solitaire For Dummies

Whether you’re tired of playing the same ol’ Solitaire on your computer or you want to know the true meaning of the term tableau, Solitaire For Dummies® is your ticket to the perfect stack of cards.

Game features:
• Choose among 10 games including classics like Klondike and Free Cell.
• Interactive lessons for each game allow you to play while you learn.
• Special tools and hints further the Practice mode to help build your foundations.
• Take what you’ve learned and be an ace in Play mode.
• Master each game to build up your meter to obtain a new bronze, silve


The Great Tree

When the Pollen Collectors are bewitched, the faeries’ survival rests upon the shoulders of their children. This quest will lead them directly into the dangers of the forest, where there are whispers of something sinister lurking in the shadows. The tree’s life runs short. Set forth now to save the faeries in this grown-up tale of good and evil: The Great Tree.

Game features:
• Unique Cut Scenes Immerse You in an Unforgettable Story!
• 10 Gorgeous and Engaging Environments!
• Customize Your Character’s Attributes!
• Choose From 10 Enchanted Sets of Wings!
• Fantastical Powerups Will Aid You in Your Quest!
• Amazing Environment Creatures Will Test Your Skills!
• Help Save The Great Tree and Spare Your People From the Ixies!


Delicious Emily’s Tea Garden

Make Emily’s dream come true in the new Delicious: Emily’s Tea Garden! Serve corn and steak in a BBQ and Grill, refresh customers with fruit and ice-cream in a Cocktail Beach Club, and sell fish and French food in fancy restaurants. Hire entertainers and keep up with every reservation. Can you earn enough money so Emily can have her own tea garden by the sea?


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